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Lynn Schafer Designs provides professional designs with a passion for problem solving. We give unsurpassed dedication to providing clients with streamlined web and graphic design solutions that enable businesses to establish an online and offline presence with not only aesthetically pleasing and engaging designs, but also through utilizing today's cutting edge technologies and user experience (UI/UX) methodologies.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Centered Design
  • User Testing/Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Corporate Identity/Branding
  • Motion Graphics/VFX
  • Video Editing/Compression
  • Social Media Marketing
  • CMYK Print Processes
  • Packaging/3D Structures
  • Digital Photo Editing
  • Mac/PC Proficent
  • Illustrator CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • InDesign CC
  • After Effects CC
  • After Premiere CC
  • Axure/Balsamiq/MockFlow
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Web Standards/W3C
  • WordPress Customization
  • Mac/PC Proficent
  • Agile Methodology/Scrum
  • Problem Solver
  • Business Savvy
  • Positive Outlook
  • Creative Thinker
  • Inspires Others
  • Life Experience

"Nothing brings me more pleasure than creating something out of nothing. I find the whole ceremony of creativity completely captivating."

- LS

"Lynn is a skilled and hard-working web designer with serious talent. As a student at Art Institute, time and time again she proved her tenacity to learn and her willingness to make the extra effort necessary to demonstrate her skill set; she is able to draw on all of her life and academic and professional experiences when she approaches problems, whether it be visual design, communication or code, and use it to her advantage.

Her eye for balanced visual design is exceptional, able to design color palettes that fit the audience and communicate the message and at the same time inject subtle eye candy such as animation, visual effects and typography to support the concept.

She is even tempered, modest, ambitious, and willing to learn. An exceptional student and no doubt an exceptional web designer. At her graduation, she's already built a pretty impressive professional portfolio. I highly recommend Lynn."

- Mat Rosa | Director of Product at adMarketplace

"I was the lead software engineer working with Lynn Schafer for a Xerox/Parc Web based system. Lynn was the lead designer for the UI/UX system. In addition to working closely with the developers she also was the primary designer for posters, flyers and other collaterals needed by the project. Her work was always of the highest quality and timely. Especially valuable to the project was her can-do attitude, her ability to be flexible as requirements changed, and her creative opinions that helped guide us in the right direction. It was a pleasure to work with Lynn"

- Wendell Kibler | Senior Member of Research and Technology Staff at Xerox PARC

"It has been a pleasure to work with Lynn over the past year. She is a wonderful designer, from gathering user requirements, designing wireframes, and creating professional finished products. She is very skilled in the Adobe Suite and combines that with her eye for color, shape, balance, and beauty to create beautiful results. She is funny and kind, and so easy to collaborate with. I highly recommend her."

- Karen Braun | Manager, Visualization and Interaction Area at Xerox

"Lynn is a consummate professional who brings an impressive skill set to the creative process. She was able to quickly internalize the project objectives and specifications and apply her expertise to create clean, captivating designs to optimize our user experience. She is a team player and has been instrumental in helping to effectively translate the high level inputs from management to designs enabled by the software team doing the responsive design. Her background in brand marketing allowed her to serve as the primary interface to the branding group, assuring our compliance with corporate graphic identity requirements. Her energy and enthusiasm were a valuable addition to the team."

- David Anderson | PARC Business Process Operations Manager, Webster NY

"Lynn is an outstanding graphic designer who regularly went above-and-beyond her given assignments. From her poster designs to website content, her eye for color and detail is spot on. She is easy-going and always very helpful. Lynn is Highly Recommended."

- Michael Shepherd | Senior Innovation Staff at Xerox PARC

"Lynn has a gift for aesthetics and an intuitive knack for understanding what someone truly wants before even they do; a rare and incredibly valuable skill in graphic design and client services. She has an ability to capture the essence of the underlining message in her work and when I studied with Lynn it was clear how far and apart she was in a sea of mediocre designers.

Even more than her ability, I admire her spirit and charm. She instantly lights up the room and befriends the people around her and making us feel calm and creative. I am lucky to have once worked by her side"

- Samuel Orf | Senior Web Designer at Levy Online Marketing & Design

"Lynn displays a high level of artistic and technical skill in her work. Her graphics, web design and motion graphics work is undeniably stunning and professional.

In my motivational talks with my creative staff, I frequently use Lynn as an example of how to tap into the talent that lies within all of us. I would recommend Lynn for any job that needs an absolute professional and fresh look."

- Kevin Zamarripa | Owner, Pillar To Post Home Inspections Las Vegas

"It has been an honor, to work with Lynn Schafer. A lady of complete integrity I so enjoyed what she brought to my business. Single handedly designed and created a completely new web site for us. The attention to detail was over the top! I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to increase their business. "

- Darlene Davidson | Owner of Cakes On The Move

"Lynn is a positive and energetic hard worker who goes the extra mile to help others. I have had the pleasure to work directly with her at Andrea Vollf Interiors while she was a student at The Art Institute of Las Vegas. I highly recommend Lynn."

- Andrea Vollf | Designer, LEED Consultant, Educator
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